Integrat overview

Integrat is the solution to your mobile technology needs. Integrat is a wireless application service provider aggregator or WASP aggregator. Integrat provides mobile integration to WASPS. WASPS are companies that connect to the operators (MTN, Vodacom and CellC) to provide services through the operator systems (API). Integrat gives WASPS the opportunity to offer their clients mobile services, which Integrat helps apply and develop. Services are currently being rendered to WASPS on Vodacom, MTN, Cell-C and more than 500 networks internationally.

Integrat provides a single interface for all GSM bearer services. Integrat makes it simple for you to deliver mobile solutions to your clients. We take care of the complex mobile integration, development and support. We allow you to quickly develop mobile services using a unified, easy-to-use interface. We also provide development tools.

We provide extensive reporting, statistics, performance statistics, tracking and tracing facilities for support purposes, online campaign management, online content management and an online accounts management system.

Integrat supports SMS, Premium SMS, IVR (VXML), LBS, USSD, MMS, OBS, WIG and WAP. Integrat will keep on extending its interface as new technologies emerge.

Integrat offers customers the ability to deliver mobile solutions by:

  1. Offering consultation services to the customers,
  2. Giving training,
  3. Promoting customer software, applications, services and solutions,
  4. Providing affordable connectivity to all available GSM Services,
  5. Providing rapid demonstration application development,
  6. Constantly enhancing platform capabilities.

Integrat also provides development tools, sample applications and access to free sample codes.

Integrat provides a variety of amazing web products. The campaign manager allows you to set up polls and campaigns. The content manager sends out any type of content, from text to video content. Anyone can start a business in minutes by using the content manager. The trivia manager is a system developed to communicate with your market directly. Applications include market research and trivia competitions. Integrat also offers bulk SMS facilities.


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